International Writer Special : Di Toft


She wrote the Wolven (Wolfling) series, wich i L-O-V-E!!!!!!!

I Really love her books and the Bookcovers are gorgeous! They are a bit 3D. If you move them you see a boy changing into a Wolf. I really love that! I love the fact that Di is very active on facebook. She loves dogs and one of dogs looked like a wolf;-)

(This article is written by me & Di Toft)


 Di: The books are about a boy called Nat and his ‘dog’ Woody, who turns out to be a legendary shapeshifting Wolf whose ancestors fought alongside Richard the Lionheart in the Crusades. We learn that a corrupt government agency is hunting Woody to fuse his special Wolven DNA with that of a werewolf, to create indestructible fighting machines for 21st century wars.


Di:OK, so I was born just outside London in 1958, and now I live on the north Somerset coast. I’m married with two lovely kids and I’m a granny!!! I used to have a white German Shepherd called Dave (who was the model for Woody) Sadly, I lost Dave last year from old age.I now have a very naughty poodle cross called Dorothy.

Me: Di toft lives in  Portishead, England


Me: Your fave place in the World ?

Di: Whitby in Yorkshire, because of the wild coastline, ruined abbey and connections to Dracula.


Me: Di would love to visit Narnia!!!!!!!!!


More questions:

 Your fave books and fave author?

My favourite book ever is Dracula by Bram Stoker, and my fave author is Stephen King.


 Where do you write your books?

In my spare bedroom.


 Do you write in Total silence, or listen to Music?

I have to write in silence or else I get distracted. If I did listen to music it would probably be David Bowie or Led Zep.


What inspires you?

The outdoors, creepy woodland and old spooky houses.


When you write, do you picture your caracters in your mind (or creatures)?

Yeah, I view it like a film, in scenes. It’s like I have a camera in my head. I can see it unfold.


What is your fave Genre in books?

Fantasy, horror and police thrillers.



Do you have any plans for a new book?

Currently writing a book about an alien, and a commision for a hospital project about a tomaker and a mechanical swan (very steampunk!!)


Tell us something about your hobbies and interests?

I love the cinema, live music, walking, playing with the dog and of course reading and writing.


Is there a person you admire? Celebrity?

Kate Bush. Or a fictional caracter? Ripley in Alien


Is there a caracter in your books, that you feel close too?

Probably Nat’s gran, Apple


 Do you also put in autobiografic aspects in your books? 

I think a lot of the exciting bits where Nat and Woody are up against the world, I imagined happening to me when I was young! I grew up in the dame sort of small town as Temple Gurney and I was bulied sometimes too.



Tell us, what you want to tell us;-)

I’d like to thank you Tazzy, for taking an interest in my work. I’d also like to tell you about a book called Cat Magick that I wrote last year. It’s only available on Amazon in English at the moment, but it’s a cracking tale of cats, witches, and hellcats in 17th century England. It’s funny, scary and exciting, I’m very proud of it. In the meantime, thanks all for reading this, and hopefully, there’ll be another book out soon. I try to keep my writing as entertaining as possible, I figure that if I have fun writing something (and occasionally get frightened if if writing at the dead of night and my imagination runs away with me) then my rradders wll enjoy it too. And maybe just get  a little bit freaked out.



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