International Writer Special : David Wellington

The first book i got from David was MonsterEiland (Monster Island). I was hooked from the beginning. Zombies!!!!!! As a horror-fan, this is a must read. He wrote more books and they’re all great! I am very happy i got to ask him some questions!!!! Here we go:



Hi, I’m David Wellington, the author of more than twenty books. I’m best known for my Monster Island trilogy (zombies), 13 Bullets series (vampires) and my latest book, Positive (back to zombies). Here’s the full list:


Monster Island

Monster Nation

Monster Planet


13 Bullets

99 Coffins

Vampire Zero

23 Hours

32 Fangs





Den of Thieves (as David Chandler)

A Thief in the Night (as David Chandler)

Honor Among Thieves (as David Chandler)


Pass/Fail (ebook only)

Rivals (ebook only)

Plague Zone (ebook only)



The Hydra Protocol

The Cyclops Initiative



 david 4

My favorite covers are the covers for the 13 Bullets books, because they’re incredibly creepy!



I was born on 23 April, 1971, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This is the city where George Romero made all of his zombie films.



Where do you live? And where did you grow up?

I grew up in Pennsylvania, then went to college in Syracuse, New York. I lived in Denver, Colorado for six years, and now I live in New York City.



Your fave place in the World ?

There are lots of places I’ve been that I’ve loved, but Edinburgh, Scotland is probably my favorite city. It’s like something out of a fantasy novel.


 Which non-excisting place would you like to visit ?

 Other planets—I’ve always loved science fiction and the idea of traveling to distant worlds, meeting the people there and seeing the sights of space!


Your fave books and fave author?

 I’m a huge fan of early 20th century horror, fantasy, and science fiction. H.G. Wells, Arthur Conan Doyle, Arthur Machen. My favorite is probably G.K. Chesterton, and his book The Man Who Was Thursday.



Where do you write your books?

I have an office in my apartment, which is mostly just a couch and a coffee table. I have a laptop I write on—I can take it pretty much anywhere.



  1. Do you write in Total silence, or listen to Music?

I write in silence. I’ve tried writing with music, but I found if it isn’t instrumental I have a problem—I tend to write the lyrics into whatever I’m writing!



What inspires you?

All kinds of things inspire me. I’ll see something out of a train window, or read about something online and it gets my brain working, putting things together. It’s a continuous process—I think about books all day.



When you write, do you picture your caracters in your mind (or creatures)?

I do, but I try to be very careful when describing characters (and creatures) in the books. I want the reader to make their own decision about what the characters look like.



What is your fave Genre in books?

All of them! I can read any kind of book and love it. It’s about how good the writing is.



Do you have any plans for a new book?

I’m working right now on a science fiction trilogy, under the pseudonym D. Nolan Clark. The first book is called Forsaken Skies, and it’s coming out (in the US) this autumn.



Tell us something about your hobbies and interests?

I don’t have a lot of free time—most days I spend writing. I like to draw, though I’m not any good at it.



Is there a person you admire? Celebrity? Or a fictional caracter?

There are lots of people I admire, but none of them are particularly famous. I admire teachers the most, and anyone whose job helps other people (especially nurses).



Is there a caracter in your books, that you feel close too?

Laura Caxton, from my 13 Bullets book. That was my longest-running series, and so I worked with her for years. She even makes a brief appearance in Positive, my most recent book, because I couldn’t bear the idea of never writing about her again.



Do you also put in autobiografic aspects in your books? Yes? Which ones?

I don’t think you can write a book and not put yourself in there, somewhere. I never try to do this, but details just sneak in. Specifically, my 13 Bullets series is set in Pennsylvania, near where I grew up, and I definitely used that knowledge to describe the setting.



A message to the readers of the page:

I have two things to say. One is just—thank you! I really appreciate hearing from my readers, about the books they liked (and the ones they didn’t), about how my writing has affected them. I want to thank all my readers. I’ve been making a living at writing for over ten years now, and it would never have been possible without readers who enjoyed my books recommending them to their friends and online. It’s made all the difference.


The second thing is, I want to tell everyone to take a risk on a book. If you’re a science fiction fan, try reading a horror novel. If you like fantasy, go and find a mystery novel and see what you think. You may not like it, but really, what’s the worst that can happen? You’ll still have read a book, and that’s never a bad thing.

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