22 July

I think the world was in shock on that day, so was I. It was horrible to watch this story on the news.

I wanted to read more about Utoya, the victims and the survivors. You can find several books about it, but the movie is filmed, like you were there. And that makes you scared, angry and sad all at the same time. You get to know Viljar and his family, in the movie. He goes to Utoya island with his brother Torje. They are members of a political youth camp. That hit me… Hard… Because i was just like them. I stood up (And i still do) for my political views and things i believe in, i went to alot of gatherings, meetings and festivals, when i was their age. I am a very social person. I want to believe in the goodness of people. I want to get to know them.

Innocent teenagers that should be having a great summercamp, find themselves in a real life horrorstory.

Breivik comes to the island and says he comes to project the group, dressed as a police officer, right after the bombing in Oslo. When you grow up, you learn that the police is your best friend (thats a Dutch saying). But this man came on the island and started to shoot people. In cold blood, showing no feelings whatsoever. The actor that plays Breivik is really good in a very macabre way.

The story of Viljar and his family is so powerfull. What happens with a person, going through horror like that? I cried and i cried untill i had no more tears left… I am so proud that some of the survivors decided to take the stand and face ‘the’ monster in court! What an amazing power.

This movie breaks your heart over and over again. I watched it with my parents. The 3 of us, we were crying. My father was so angry, because he pictured me being there. Its a rollercoaster of emotions.

Its good that this movie is on Netflix. Let the world see the darkness in people, but also the power of freedom and survival.

The same darkness lurks… In the world..in your country… in your city… maybe even in your street. Its a scary idea….

A monster could walk by on the street….. But should you stay locked up in your house forever? 2 scared 2 come out and live? The answer is no!

Viljar and all the other survivors give a perfect example:

Live… or the monster(s) wins…

I have a dream (powerfull words), that one day, all people can live together, respect eachother and stand up for themselves or another person, without hate or hurting eachother.

I became very curious how Viljar was doing now. And he turned out to be an amazing young man. And he still fights for the things he believes in!

You should check out Viljar and Torje on Instagram, they are amazing young men:-).

Instagram Viljar

Instagram Torje

You can see their followers growing, every day!

I have never been to Norway. I live in Holland. Its a multicultural country, just like Norway. Social media brings people together.

**You will beat the monsters, by living your life**